Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Corporation Homework Assgiment

The Corporation Critique
Due May 22nd

1) What is the principal purpose of this documentary?
The principal purpose of this documentary is to tell people the evil (bad) parts/things that is happening in corporation around the world.
2) What does the film critique? How do you know that?
This film is critiquing what corporations what they are, what they do, how they do it, why they do it, and how they treat those who are working for or those who are in the corporation.
3) What methods did the filmmaker use to increase public awareness about Corporate responsibility and affect people’s beliefs and behavior?
The filmmaker uses different methods to increase public awareness about Corporate responsibility and affect people's beliefs and behavior. One of the methods that the filmmaker uses is by interviewing regular everyday people. This helps to increase public awareness because other people can relate to the people that the filmmaker is interviewing.
4) Which methods of theirs did you think were most effective in supporting their position on corporate responsibility. Why?
The method that was the most effective was when they interviewed regular everyday people to support their position corporation responsibility. I say this because as I said in the last question this allows to to pay  more attention once they can relate to the people that are in the film.
5) Did you have any issues with this documentary? What were some parts that you did not agree with, or question. Why?
I only had a couple problems with this film. The first problem that I had with it was the voice of the narrater because his voice got quite annoying after awhile. Also the voice of the people on the video were very, very bla like they did not care about what they were talking about. The second problem that I had with this video was that I was way to long. They just kept carrying on, and on about basically the same thing. I think that they should of summed it up just a little more. In conclusion, I only had a couple problem with the film that made me what to stop watching it.
6) Describe another film you have watched that had an impact on your values. How and why did that happen?
Another film that I have watched that had impacted my values is Ice Age. This has impacted me because I taught me not to judge other people by what they look like that you should except everyone as family. Even if you do particularly like that person or heard bad rumors about them, you should just except them for who they are instead of shunning them out and caring once so every.

Due May 22nd
Films that change our perspectives
Media art work can serve as a catalyst for changing our perspectives or societal values. Here we are going to look at a new type documentary style that immerses the film maker into that world. Some will call this style of journalism a type of propaganda because they are pushing a particular opinion onto the viewer. Others believe it closer to "advocacy journalism,", but unlike propaganda, such efforts are dedicated to supporting their position with documentable facts. While the films do seek to "convince" their audience, they are designed to do so by getting viewers to ask questions, do research, analyse the arguments and the facts on which they are based. Like a good attorney, advocacy journalists work to put their point across, but also recognize their obligation to the truth in all its complexity and to the rules of human interaction, that put deliberate deception and misdirection out-of-bounds.
Since we are going to be finishing off the year doing film projects I thought we should
look at another type of film that in some cases
can change the perspective of the viewer.
The documentary we will be critiquing is
called “The Corporation” which takes a
look at corporate responsibility and the
lasting effects they have on us as a
society. At the end of the film there will
be questions for you to answer.

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